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Club Soccer Achievements:

·         2012 ECNL Record: With 10 contests left for season, Tied/Won 9 of 14 contests. In 5 losses, 3 were by only 1 goal. Currently ranked 21 in group B (of 36 teams).

·         2012 Mar 24, 2012 - Beat Crossfire ECNL U16 who was ranked 35 spots higher by a score of 2-0.

·   2012 Mar 18, 2012 - Beat Mustang ECNL U16 who was ranked 49 spots higher by a score of 1-0. 

·         2011 ECNL NATIONAL EVENT PHOENIX, AZ Undefeated with 5GF, 3GA Wins over Real Colorado (who was 10 spots higher in bracket B), and Storm

·         2011 Rage College Showcase (Super 2 Bracket - Semi-Finalist Undefeated)

·         2011 ECNL NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP Two Players Named to Season All Event Team (Haley Chow and Lexi Nicholas)

·         2011 State Cup Undefeated (although did not advance due to goal differential with Mustang)

·         2011 ECNL 2010 Season Regional League Matches – Undefeated (draws against ECNL: Mustang, Force, San Juan, Washington Premiere)

·         2011 ECNL National Event - San Antonio, TX - (wins over Atlanta Fire and FC Milwaukee record: 2-1)

·         2010 ECNL Final Four Showcase, in Raleigh, NC – Undefeated

·         2010 USYS CYSA District III GSSL League U15 Gold - Semi-Finalist

·         2010 ECNL Fall National Showcase, in Temecula, CA

·         2010 Rage College Showcase Semi-Finalist

·         2010 11th annual Diablo Cup Semi-Finalist

·         2009 CA State Cup - Sweet 16

·         2009 USYS CYSA District III GSSL League U14 Gold - Finalist

·         2009 Rage College Showcase Juniors Premier Division: Semi-Finalist

·         2008 Rage Soccer City Warm-Up Finalist

·         2008 Bullard Classic Champion

 Date   Opponent, Rank Gp Score  Results and Details Overall     Record    ECNL (B)racket, (C)onf, (O)verall  Records & Rank       
 19 3/25 WA Premier #40 B 1-3 Loss  6W-7D-6L  B: 2-4-3 #25, C: 3-3-6 #4, O:5-4-6 #55
 18 3/24 Crossfire #16 A 2-0 Win video 6W - 7D - 5L  B: 2-4-2 #21, C: 3-3-5 #3, O:5-4-5 #51
 17 3/18 @  Mustang #2 A 1-0 Win video 5W - 7D - 5L  B: 2-4-2 #21, C: 2-3-5 #4, O:4-4-5 #51
 16 11/12 @ DeAnza #50 B 0-0 Draw

4W - 7D - 5L

B: 2-4-2 #21, C: 1-3-5 #5, O:3-4-5 #51
 15 11/6 Surf #19 A 1-2 Loss photos video

4W - 6D - 5L

B: 2-3-2, C: 1-2-5, O:3-3-5
 14 11/5 Arsenal #28 A 1-0 Win video

4W - 6D - 4L

B: 2-3-2, C: 1-2-4, O:3-3-4 

 13 10/29 @ San Juan #37 B 0-0 Draw

3W - 6D - 4L

B: 2-3-2, C: 0-2-4, O:2-3-4 

 12 10/23 @ Real So Cal #38 B 0-1 Loss

3W - 5D - 4L

B: 2-2-2, C: 0-1-4, O:2-2-4

 11 10/22 @ West Coast #13 A 0-1 Loss

3W - 5D -3L

B: 2-2-1, C: 0-1-3, O:2-2-3

 10 10/10 CO Storm #58 B 2-1 


3W - 5D - 2L

B: 2-2-1, C: 0-1-2, O:2-2-2

 9 10/9 Milwaukee #60 B 0-0 Draw 2W - 5D - 2L B: 1-2-1, C: 0-1-2, O:1-2-2
 8 10/8 Real CO #47 B 3-2 Win 2W - 4D - 2L B: 1-1-1, C: 0-1-2, O:1-1-2
 7 10/2 Mustang #3 A 0-2 Loss 1W - 4D - 2L B: 0-1-1, C: 0-1-2, O:0-1-2
 6 9/24 DeAnza #50 B 2-2 Draw  1W - 4D - 1L B: 0-1-1, C: 0-1-1, O:0-1-1
 5 9/17 San Juan #37 B 1-3 Loss  1W - 3D - 1L  B: 0-0-1, C: 0-0-1, O:0-0-1
2011-12 U16 ECNL Season Start
 4 7/24 South Valley   0-0

   Rage College Showcase


1W - 3D - 0L

B: 0-0-0, C: 0-0-0, O:0-0-0

 3 7/23 Legends   4-0

1W - 2D - 0L

B: 0-0-0, C: 0-0-0, O:0-0-0

 2 7/22 Renton   0-0

0W - 2D - 0L

B: 0-0-0, C: 0-0-0, O:0-0-0

 1 7/22 South Bay   1-1

0W - 1D - 0L

B: 0-0-0, C: 0-0-0, O:0-0-0


March 25, 2012 - WPFC ECNL beat Rage by a score of 3-1. All WP goals come on either corners or penalties from the right side of the field from short range - and came in a flury. Rage led the contest at the half on a PK at the 5th minute. Rage had several close shots, but was not able to mount a come back. Overall the last three games have been extremely successful in elevating RAGE second half of the season - despite the oucome. Remember that WPFC is a very successful club having won Far West Regionals last year. Since WP was a B Bracket team it moves our rank from 21 to 25 in B bracket. We will have many opportunitiess to continue our surge next week in San Diego at the National event in upcoming big games against Ohio Premier Eagles, World Class, and Connecticut FC.  Go Rage. 

March 24, 2012 - Rage Beat Crossfire (currently ranked #16 overall in ECNL U16) by a score of 2-0 on two free kicks by Haley Chow, #12, who in the second free kick assisted Katie Lortie #24, who headed the ball for the score at the 75th minute see video. The game featured a sliding tackle save by Brielle Preece at the 45th minute quite similar to what Lexi Nicholas did against Mustang. Congrats to all Rage players and to both Brielle Preece and Lexi Nicholas for a big shutout. Rage now 5-4-5 overall in ECNL and is on a two game winning streak. Go Rage!

March 18, 2012 - Rage Beat Mustang (currently ranked #2 overall in ECNL U16) by a score of 1-0 on a steal by Marissa Scheid #11, who passed to Katie Lortie #24, who then did a one touch assist pass to Pooja Patel #6 for the score at the 14th minute. The game featured a sliding tackle save by Lexi Nicholas #1 at the 7th minute Video. Haley Chow nearly made it 2-0 on a free kick that ricochet off the bar. We really showed the world how good Rage is today. Congrats to all Rage players and to both Brielle Preece and Lexi Nicholas for a big shutout. Rage now 4-4-5 overall in ECNL.

February 22, 2012 - Rage 3-4-5, #21 of 36 teams B bracket. Win or ties in 7 of 12 games. Only 5 losses, with 3 of them by only 1 goal. Upcoming big games against Mustang, Ohio Premier Eagles, and World Class (San Diego National Event). More wins than DeAnza on the year, and a key win against Real Colorado, Rage looks to climb in the B group standings for the remaining 12 games in the second half. Go Rage! 

November 12, 2011 -Rage 3-3-5, #46 of 66 teams overall played #45 DeAnza to a Draw. Credit for the shutout goes to Lexi Nicholas and Brielle Preece. The draw marks the fourth of the year. DeAnza is ranked slightly ahead of Rage in the B group standings at #15 and the competition is fierce. As #16 in B bracket of 36 teams - Rage now takes a break for the High School season with most of the players fully engaged in high school sports at Benicia (Micaela), Tracy (Ivy), Foothill (Precious,  Danica, Kelly, Kirsten),  Livermore (Marissa, Pooja), Amador (Haley, Jessica, Brianna, Lexi), Dublin (Hailai), Dougherty Valley (Colby), Granada (Katie, Brielle). Go Rage! Kevin Wheatley Photos, Slideshow.

November 6, 2011 -Rage 3-3-4 overall continued cross-bracket play in an ECNL Western Regional match against #13 - San Diego Surf- an A Bracket team. We went down 2-0 in the first half on a corner that slipped in at the 10th minute, and a well-centered pass that rolled in off a center forward's touch in the 30th minute. But in the second half - we shut down Surf - and Brianna Nicholas - #3 scored on a thrilling break-away goal for a score in the 60th minute. With still 20 minutes to go - Rage had several other attempts on goal - and also protected well in the second half with a shut-out credited to Brielle Preece - Goal Keeper (and Lexi who came in for Brielle as Brielle was needed as a forward). But in the end - Rage ran out of time and did not get the equalizer. With the contest being well played on both sides, Rage should feel extremely good about the level of play. With the loss, Rage's ECNL record moves to 3-3-5, and remains 2-3-2 in B-Bracket. Photos  Video Go Rage!

November 5, 2011 -Rage 2-3-4 overall continued cross-bracket play in an ECNL Western Regional match against an A Bracket Southern California team: Arsenal who is currently ranked 21st in A Bracket play. In our game at 3PM at home in Pleasanton, CA - Val Vista the game was tied 0-0 at the half dispite Rage having several attempts on goal - and a couple of spectacular saves by Arsenal. Arsenal had a few counters - and a key save by Lexi kept the game scoreless - and a shutout for the first half for Lexi Nicholas. In the second, Rage again controlled the ball - although Arsenal - who had recently tied against 10th ranked Eclipse Soccer Club - began to control the ball more nicely - and however, Rage Defense led by Brielle Preece in goal - continued to keep the counter threats to a minimum. And Danica Egelston - who had struck the crossbar half way through the second half - late in the game 76th minute - on a ball crossed by Colby Matsumoto - Danica was able to get herself set nicely on a shot from the left side - 20 yards out - and Rage offense broke through with a beautifully floated goal by Danica for the 1-0 Win. Rage is now 2-3-2 in B Bracket and 3-x-x overall and is sure to jump higer in the standings. Video. Go Rage! 

October 29, 2011 - Rage 2-2-2 continued ECNL Western Conference play against San Juan at San Juan's facility in Rio Vista, CA with a draw 0-0. RAGE U16 moves their B bracket record to 2-3-3, and overall to 3-6-4. In deciding the draw during the match - Rage defense was led by Precious Akanyirige (who drew assignment of #21 who had scored 3 goals against Rage on September 17), Lexi Nicholas, and Brielle Preece. The draw marked a stark turn-around of Rage from our prior contests - where we had given up two goals going down in defeat. The shutout was very significant and was for sure stunning to San Juan - which is a very high quality organization. In soccer - a draw is typically considered a victory to the underdog. San Juan - entering the contest was ranked #5 in B Bracket - against our #15 rank. We are now #14 in B bracket with San Juan #6 of 36 ECNL B teams. With our game against Arsenal on Saturday Nov 5, we can jump in the standings. Go Rage!

October 23, 2011 - Rage ECNL U16 continued its Southern California regional tour in Thousand Oaks, CA with a loss against Real So Cal  (whom Rage U15 lost to by a score of 3-0 in Temecula last year). Real So Cal lost earlier in the weekend to Mustang and had a record of 2-1-1 in ECNL Ranked 2nd in B Bracket with a 5GF and 3GA Rating. The final score was 0-1 with the winning goal coming in the second half on a score from the right end line. With the second narrow loss of the weekend, RAGE U16 drops their B bracket record to 2-2-3, and overall to 3-5-4. After reviewing the match, one observer said: "I was proud of our team, I felt confident that RAGE U16 was confident - and could play competitive soccer with Real SoCal - dispite the 1-0 loss - as was the case with West Coast. Good play overall and the game of soccer is funny sometimes - not always the result you hope for, or expect." It was later revealed that Real So Cal was missing 3 key players for their earlier Mustang match - which were there for our match. This means we were very well matched against Real So Cal! The loss dropped us to 15. Go Rage!!

October 22, 2011 - Rage ECNL U16 overall 3-5-2, 2-2-2 in ECNL Ranked 11th in B bracket and with an ECNL rating of 8GF, and 8GA played a Southern California west coast regional match in Orange County against West Coast 2-1-3 in ECNL ranked 12th in A bracket with 14GF, and 10GA rating. Playing up in division agains West Coast was a good test. Rage U16 proved they were up to the test and however ended with a loss - the same result as Mustang - with a 0-1 loss. The deciding goal was in the first half on a fluke bounce that evaded our defense. The narrow low scoring result shows that our Rage U16 ECNL team has the skills to play at any level within ECNL. Go Rage!

October 10, 2011 - Rage ECNL U16 overall 2-5-2, 1-2-2 in ECNL Ranked 14th in B bracket and with an ECNL rating of 6GF, and 6GA played its third event in Phoenix, AZ against Colorado Storm 0-4-1 in ECNL 18th in B bracket with 5GF, and 8GA rating. The outcome was a 2-1 win. The win was significant since Storm had tied #7 Concorde Fire 0:0 on Saturday. We dominated the first half with 5 shots and 3 corners and at the half the score was 1-0 with Haley Chow's PK goal in the 38th minute. Our defense led by Lexi Nicholas earned a shutout for the first half. Then, in the scond half Hailai Arghandiwal had a gorgeous goal to put RAGE up 2-0. Rage defense held up well throughout the second led by Brielle Preece with a big save near the end and the Storm finally got one in for the 2-1 finish. With the win, Rage moves to 3-5-2 overall, 2-2-2 in ECNL with an 8GF, and 8GA rating and will surely leap up in the B Bracket standings. Congratulations to all for an undefeated Phoenix ECNL tournament. Go Rage!

October 9, 2011 - Rage ECNL U16 overall 2-4-2, 1-1-2 in ECNL Ranked 14th in B bracket and with an ECNL rating of 6GF, and 6GA played its second event in Phoenix, AZ against FC Milwaukee 0-1-2 in ECNL 19th in B bracket with 2GF, and 3GA. The outcome was a 0-0 draw. With the draw, Rage moves to 2-5-2 overall, 1-2-2 in ECNL. It is important to note that while FC Milwaukee was ranked 19th, it had four of its five losses by no more than 1 goal. Their ability to defend their goal is exceptional. They also had only been shutout once before (top ranked Vardar) in all seven of their prior contests. Special recognition goes to goal keepers Lexi Nicholas and Brielle Preece who carried Rage in the contest. Go Rage!

October 8, 2011 - Rage ECNL U16 overall 1-4-2, 0-1-2 in ECNL Ranked 18th in B bracket and with an ECNL rating of 3GF, and 4GA rating taveled to its first national event in Phoenix, AZ. Played Real Colorado 2-2-2 ranked 8th with a 7GF, and 7GA rating. Team Manager Olga Medina wrote: After dominating the first 20 minutes with 5 shots on goal, we went down 1 on smooth counter and another off a corner bender.  Rage's Marissa Scheid countered with a goal off Ivy Torres' well placed corner.  Then a goal off a cross from Danica Egelston , Ivy dummied for Pooja Patel to find the net!!  Half score 2-2.  In the second half Colby Matsumoto assisted Danica Egelston's, smashing finish for a 3-2 win over Real Colorado. Atta Arghandiwal said: "it was lots of fun to watch our girls come back from 2 down and play so good. Lots of heart and poise. Congrats to all!!" Record now 1-1-2 ECNL, and 2-4-2 (overall) - and Rage jumped to #14 in B bracket standings. With the loss, Real Colorado slipped to #11 in B bracket.

October 2, 2011 - Rage 1-4-1  continued ECNL Western Conference play against A Bracket Mustang with a narrow loss going down 0-1 until the 75th minute. With 5 minutes to play, Rage stacked the front part of their attack with its most dominant players. When a barage of shots could not score, Mustang countered to seal the victory 0-2. The ECNL Rage U16 team was very excited however with their superior ball control and shots on goal. With time, the B bracket Rage will be able to show its ability to win against mustang (having tied Mustang in its last 3 contests). Record now 0-1-2 ECNL, and 1-4-2 overall. Our B-Bracket record did not change and remained at 0-1-1 currently ranked #18. Kevin Wheatley Photos, Slideshow.

September 24, 2011 - Rage 1-3-1 continued ECNL Western Conference play against De Anza on a very windy day in Dublin at Valley Christian High School (see video). De Anza was up 0-1 in the first half - on a corner kick. But as the second half ensued (with the wind on their side) Rage answered with two quick goals. Then, showing great determination, De Anza equalized the contest against the wind on a corner set play. De Anza maintains their second place spot in conference with a draw 2-2 at Valley Christian, Dublin, CA. Rage moves from fourth to third with the draw. Rage goals by Ivy Torres, and Haley Chow (her second on the year). With the draw, record now 0-1-1 ECNL and 1-4-1 overall. The draw helped Rage move up in the standings for Bracket B. Video. Go Rage!


September 17, 2011 - Rage 1-3-0 started ECNL Western Conference play against San Juan at Val Vista Sports Complex, Pleasanton, CA with a loss 1-3. The lone Rage goal by Haley Chow on a penalty kick. San Juan #21 supplied the firepower against Rage in the second half. Haley's PK came in the second half. Lexi Nicholas earned a shutout in the first half.  The loss came due to very local pressure from one player on San Juan - something Rage can address. Record now 0-0-1 ECNL and 1-3-1 overall.

Aug 5, 2011 - Kicks for Kids Fund Raiser was a big success again this year thanks to Margaret Akanyirige and the team. Thank you for supporting this important event!

July 22-24, 2011 - We kicked off our Rage U16 Season this week in the College Showcase event in Pleasanton, CA. In our first of four games we played to a draw 1-1 against South Bay FC (see video). Scoring first midway through the second half was RAGE (Hailai Arghandiwal, assist Pooja Patel) and late in the period, South Bay answered on a counter attack. In game two of four, Rage tied Renton 0-0. On Saturday, Rage beat Legends 4-0 (see video). Scoring were: Pooja Patel (Assist Colby), Colby Matsumoto, Katie Lortie (Assist: Brianna), and Danica Egelston. In game 4 Rage tied South Valley 0-0. Record now 1-3-0 overall as U16.

July 16, 2011 - ECNL National Championship - Lexi Nicholas and Haley Chow selected to National Championship All Event Team

May 4, '11 - 2011-2 Prelim. ECNL League & Tournament Schedule announced. We are part of the Northwest Conference and will play approximately 30 games during the season. Approximately 18 individual regional ECNL conference games will be scheduled (14 conference and 4 non-conference) along with twelve tournament games including: October 8-10, Phoenix, or Vegas; February 24-26 Texas; March 31-April 2 San Diego; June 26-28 ECNL National Championships (mid-west).

April 26. '11: Our 2011-2012 season roster is now announced with our second year in a row coach Paul Sapsford. We have added six new players: Brielle Preece, Colby Matsumoto,  Hailai Arghandiwal,  Katie Lortie,  Marissa Scheid and Pooja Patel. Five of the six new players come from highly ranked winning organization: Livermore Fusion Maroon who achieved runner up in CYSA State Cup.

-------------------Past Years Teams----------------------------------

2010-2011 Pleasanton Rage Premier 95 U15 Team:

Rage Premier 95 ECNL U15 Fall Showcase

Pleasanton Rage U15 ECNL National Showcase Team

Left/Top: Brianna Nicholas, Andie Boehm, Lexi Nicholas, Keli Wheatley, Jessica Medina, Kirsten Jensen, Kira Ewanich, Haley Chow Left/Bot: Georgia Savage, Kylie Diaz, Ivy Torres, Precious Akanyirige, Micaela Scafani, Olivia Aman-Cotton, Danica Egelston (Not shown: Kelly Smith)


For more highlights of 2010-2011 Rage Premier 95 team, please see 2011 Highlights in the "Pictures" section. 


2009-2010 Pleasanton Rage U14 Premier 95 Team

2009-2010 U14 Rage Premier 95

Highest Row:  Nicole Fetch, Jessica Medina, Kira Ewanich Next Row: Kirsten Jensen, Andie Boehm, Georgia Savage, Lexi Nicholas, Brianna Nicholas, Hannah Menk, Haley Chow, Precious Akanyirige, Coach Walter Pratte  Bottom Row: Jessica Jensen, Keli Wheatley, Ivy Torres-Flores, Spencer Jaye

For more highlights of 2009-2010 Rage Premier 95 team, please see the "Pictures" section. 



2008-2009 Pleasanton Rage U13 Premier 95 Team

Pleasanton Rage U13 2008 Premier 95 Team

Back Row: Haley Lucas, Haley Chow, Kirsten Jensen, Nicole Fetch, Georgia Savage, Marlo Aghazarian, Precious Akanyririge, Coach Walter Pratte Middle Row: Jessica Medina, Brianna Nicholas, Cambrian Cucar, Tori Larsen, Linsey Kail, Andie Boehm, Front Row: Lexi Nicholas, Brittney Grey. Not Shown: Kira Ewanich


For more highlights of 2008-2009 Rage Premier 95 team, please see the "Pictures" section. 

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